A Busy Day or I have New Clothes

What a day today has been I was woken by Little Leo around 8am this morning and I got Jessica up at around 9.30am so we could go out shopping for clothes for her and me and of course Leo we left the house around 9.45am and dropped Leo off at his aunty Kathy’s place and we didn’t get back to pick him up till 1.20pm. Jessica and I went to Charlestown Square were we had breakfast at Oporto http://www.oporto.com.au/ then we went to Big W to look for clothes I tried on a number of pairs of jeans before I found a pair that fitted ok and as it turned out the ones that fitted the best were the $12 Big W brand. I also got a pair of track pants after that we went over to the Salvo’s (Salvation Army) where I also found a pair of light weight pants and a nice top, after that we went to get Leo but guess what he didn’t want to leave but after some coaxing he got into the car. However we had to stop at Tasha’s before we left and what happened he wanted to stay and play with Blain for a while so he asked Aunty Tasha if he could stay and play with Blain and shock horror she said yes.

Anyway after we left Natasha’s we went out to another Salvo’s store where I got another top and Jessica bought herself some clothes a couple pairs of pants and some more clothes for Leo. So all in all it was a good shopping day be it long but good, tonight I am home alone while hubby is at work which is always nice.


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