Drinking not me………….

Ok I am lying I have been drinking and not Pepsi max but scotch and Pepsi max because I thought it might improve my mood as I have been feeling down and kind of sad the last couple of days. I can’t say why I have felt like this well by like this I mean down and sad not tipsy I know why I feel tipsy that would be the scotch………right

Anyway why should the love of my life…………aka………..annoying hubby be the only one to drink grog……..in fact I said to him that I opened the scotch before we left home and by before we left home I mean a couple of weeks ago and it is only a small bottle not sure home much it holds as all I can find is something that says 20cl whatever that means I could see that it is 40% something or rather.

The thing is when I drink which isn’t often the more grog I have the more grog I add to the glass if that makes any sense I in fact do not know if this makes any sense at all, I am still feeling low/sad and stressed very stressed in fact I am so bloody tense it isn’t funny and feeling like this makes me not so nice to be around. I feel sorry for my family when I feel like this in fact this afternoon I do not have any patience with Leo or Tim both are annoying the hell out of me.

Jessica has just gone for a shower she is feeling stressed and dirty and felt like a shower would make her feel better, I think I will go for a shower myself after she gets back I have to wait for her to return as she took my thongs and I like to wear the thongs in the shower don’t want to get………..damn mental block can’t think what’s called now that thing you get on your feet that make them itch and stuff…………

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