Day one of holiday with Jes & Leo

Well yesterday was day one of our short holiday with Leo and Jessica we left my place around 9.30am and went over to my parents place to pick up the motorhome and we managed to leave there around 10.30am it was a long day we arrived at Wellington Caves Caravan Park around 5.30pm last night.

It was mostly a good trip Leo was for the most part well behaved yes he got restless but that is to be expected of a 5yr old, hell I even got restless and had to make Tim stop so I could get out and have a stretch.

As to how I slept last night well after I managed to settle down it was ok I guess it took a while for me to find somewhere to plug my Cpap machine into and in the end Tim unplugged the electric blanket and said to remind him to reconnect it when we get back to my parents place.

What I did realise this morning was that I forgot to pack long pants for myself so I hope it doesn’t get too cold while we are away I do have my ¾ pants so I guess that will have to do.

Today we have gone for a tour of the caves which was great; Leo loved it and was fascinated by the “fairy dust” in the caves it was well worth the visit. Would share photos but don’t have time as we are at Macca’s and using their free Wi Fi.


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