I’m out of here

Ok I am not really out of here but I am going away for a few days from tomorrow Sunday. We are heading off to Dubbo with Jessica and Leo and we are taking my parents motorhome, I had wanted my other grandson Blain with us but his mum said no she thinks he needs a break from Leo. So there is only the 4 of us going not sure what time tomorrow we will be leaving but I do know we will be home either Tuesday or Wednesday, Natasha said if we are not home by Wednesday she will watch Summer for Kathy-Lee. Kathy works on Wednesdays now.

If we have any internet connection I will post and read blogs as well but at this point I am not sure if we will have any connection I know some caravan parks offer free Wi Fi and if where we are staying I will be able to check things out.

Jessica went home and got some clothes and also brought some flash drives with movies and TV shows for us to watch as mum said there is never any TV reception so it is good to take things to watch they usually take dvd’s with them when they go away. I also have a number of magazines and I will be taking my eReader with me and of course my laptop and my camera.

It has been years since we have been to Dubbo, Dubbo Zoo is a bloody awesome Zoo and Jessica has wanted to take Leo to the Zoo for a while now, we may also visit Old Dubbo Gaol while we are out there.

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