Me Bleeding and more tests on my boob


What a few days I have had been busy as running around doing this and that, I have been visiting and reading blogs but haven’t had the time to write a post of my own so here I am on a Saturday afternoon finally getting around to writing a post.

Last week I had to go over to the breast clinic for the follow up tests ok I was over at the breast screen centre for hours left home at 9.20am got home at 2.30pm, had another mammogram and 2 ultrasounds they talked about doing a biopsy but decided against it.

For some unknown reason my left arm was bleeding from a small hole in it. It started at 8.30am well that was when I noticed it bleeding and cleaned it and put a band aid on it only to find out when I was getting the mammogram done again that it was still bleeding, the nurse replaced the band aids.

However while I was in the waiting room waiting for my ultrasound the same nurse noticed that it was still bleeding and that I had blood all over the sleeve of the gown I was wearing so she took me into a room and replaced the band aids with those strips to hold it close and another clear bandage thing……………….it still didn’t stop and after I was finished at the breast screen place the nurse wanted me to go over to the emergency department I didn’t really want to but she was insistent.

She even walked me over to the emergency dept. and spoke to the triage nurse anyway at A & E it was cleaned and a pressure bandage applied which I left on till I had my bath and it seemed to had worked but guess what about half an hour after my bath I noticed it bleeding again this time Tim applied another band aid and it stopped……….

I did find out that one of the medications I take Plavix is a blood thinner and they wondered if that was why my arm kept bleeding but I have never had that problem before and have been on the Plavix for a couple of years now.

Anyway but it was because of the bleeding they wouldn’t do the biopsy because they would have had to do it using the mammogram machine to pinpoint the right place as the spot they saw on the mammogram wasn’t showing up on the ultrasound. Also the needle they would have had to use was a big ass needle not a fine one like they use when they do it via the ultrasound and the doctor was worried I would bleed too much.

Well on Thursday I had a phone call from the breast clinic they want me to go back and see my GP and stop the Plavix for a week or so and then arrange to have a biopsy done, I am not looking forward to that.  I do not handle needles well, ok that isn’t completely right I am fine with most needles but a big ass needle like they are planning to use for the biopsy isn’t something I think I will handle very well. Mum told me when she had her biopsy she went into shock and they had to keep her in hospital overnight. Oh well I guess I will find out how I will go when the time comes to have it done. I am not worried about the results in any way as I am sure they will not find anything bad but I do know it is better to have these things checked.

When I see the GP on Monday I am going to ask for a referral to have my iron levels checked again as I am getting very tired during the day again, I am back to needing a nap during the afternoon if I do not want to be in bed at 7pm.


9 thoughts on “Me Bleeding and more tests on my boob

  1. Oh my Joanne! Wishing you support and prayers on your tests. Been there — though not in quite the same way. I can understand your reservations and apprehension. Hugs – you’ll get through it. It’ll be okay and you’ll know what you need to do.

    1. Thank you I am not concerned about the out come just the procedure itself………..but right now I am trying to not think about it much since thinking about it will not change anything

  2. Joanne, I will be keeping you in my prayers. I do want to let you know that I have had many biopsies and, like you I do not do needles well, but I am sure like my breast center, yours will take special care to make this as easy on you as possible.They reassured me and made sure I was comfortable as possible, letting me know exactly what they were doing. It is difficult enough to endure the biopsies without the added stress of other health issues, May God bless you and give you peace.

      1. Bless your heart – Praying for the best for you. I am a worrier and think I spent more time worrying than the actual procedure and the outcome did not change one bit ~

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