Thank Goodness it stopped raining


Today it has stopped raining which is great since me and Jessica went off to the Newcastle Show this morning, we left Leo here with Papa even though Tim was complaining a bit when we left. He was fine when we got home and said Leo had been pretty good while we were gone.

I had a good time I like the show love wondering around the exhibits and Jess like to play a few of the games and this year we went on the ghost train which of course was not scary except when the real live person  jumped out wearing a mask and this happened twice……… the second time after we passed him he touched the back of my head and that made me jump…………lol

We bought a number of show bags, one each for Blain, Leo & Sydney-May and Jessica also got Leo another something or other……….yeah I can’t remember what it was she got him………….we bought a few little stuff toys for Summer and Jess insisted that I get myself a show bag so I got a nut one………

After we got home Tim had a shower and got dressed for work and has now gone to work and Jessica and Leo have gone home so it is just me here for the rest of the day.
I have no other plans for the rest of the day except to chill and watch some telly.


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