Home Sweet Home


Today it is another hot and muggy day and I have done very little except strip David’s bed and wash the sheets and then remade the bed then I cleaned his bath tub then I checked me emails and read some blogs while I waited for Kathy to come and pick me up and bring me home again…………….

Oh how I have missed my bed and my bath and my telly with Foxtel that doesn’t drop out except in really bad weather……………………

Kathy brought me home and Sydney wanted to stay with nanna for a while which she did Kathy has just come and picked her up they have to go to the shops before returning home, Kathy left Summer with her dad (Michael) while she came her to get Sydney.

After getting home I had to unpack the dishwasher and vacuum the house and tidy the spare room and of course I had to make Sydney some lunch and then I made myself some lunch, hot chips for Sydney and fried rice for me.

Tim will not be home from work till around 7pm so for a while it will be just be me here for a while this afternoon. Strange how being home alone is different when I am in my own home compared to someone else’s home I didn’t mind staying at my brothers but it feels good to be home again…………

I look forward to having a nice long hot bath this afternoon. David just rang to say they are home and to thank me for staying and watching the dogs, he asked how I managed with the dogs they were fine didn’t have a problem. Although I said that the dogs only just started getting us to me yesterday coming up and wanting me to pat him and of course I left today………………..lol

6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. hot and muggy?? where are you where do you live? It is cold and freezing rain here. But you know what – it is home bad weather and all. Enjoy the warmth and your luxurious bath.

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