Sweet child I remember a year ago today like it was just yesterday! Waking daddy up and him responding with “no no no snooze now” waking up your brother so we could drop him off at his mothers, rushing to the hospital each contraction getting steadily more closer and painful!
I remember the lead up, and holding daddy’s hand and him comforting me, and when he had to leave I was scared and then another contraction came and I very awkwardly asked if I could hold the midwives hand, I remember daddy pushing back my hair as I vomited and the look of worry but proudness on his face as I went through that pain, but it was such a short experience after convincing my midwive to let me off the stupid monitor so I could shower I was up against the wall yelling to together that “daemon is coming!!”

I everyone is in disbelief as I was only 6cm dialated,  I crawled back onto that bed and closed my eyes, and pushed you on out, the few minutes they had you to check you were ok after the complications was the most petrifying minutes of my life, but when you were layed down in my arms everything went silent and it was just you and me, you grasped my pinky with your whole hand and snuggled into me, that was the best day of my life……..

You were so little and fragile I was just so scared I’d break you it felt like everything I read and already knew had been forgotten, and I was a lost little girl again and then when you latched onto me for the first time that was it, it felt real, I felt strong and confident, I had daddy by my side whispering to me how amazing I was and how proud he was of me.

Through out the past months we have together watched our baby grow and learn amazing new things, I’m so proud of you baby I don’t how time went so fast!! Happy first birthday Daemon Joseph  xoxoxo

Written by my niece………….. Kelli-Jayne

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