Summer is here………………


What a day Summer is here……………yes Summer is here…………… you may be wondering what I am on about as here in Aus we are heading out of summer and into autumn but I am not talking about the weather here I am talking about my granddaughter.

Yes my precious first born Kathy-Lee gave birth to her second daughter Summer Dawn at 8.05am this morning.

Last night well this morning really as it was 2.20am when my mobile rang by the time I got out of bed and found my phone it had stopped ringing so I thought bugga I am going to have to find my glasses and find out who rang. Since we all know you don’t get calls at 2.20am unless it is important and I knew what the call would be about, anyway before I had a chance to do anything the phone rang again. It was Michael ringing to tell me that Kathy-Lee was in labour and only 5cm’s dilated but thought he would let me know what was happening.

So I go back to bed all excited and 10 minutes later my phone rings again this time it is Kathy ringing to make sure I know to take Sydney to day care today. When I picked Sydney-May up to take her to daycare she was excited when I told her next time she saw mummy, mummy would have Summer with her and not in her tummy.

Anyway i was at the plaza this morning when I sent Michael a text and asked if Summer had been born, this was at 8.45am and I was wondering what was happening he replied and told me that she had been born at 8.05am. I was a little annoy as I would had liked it if he had told me sooner, I couldn’t help wondering if I hadn’t texted him when would he had told me.


Summer Dawn

Born: 08:05 21/02/2013

Weight: 7 Pound 3 Ounces

Length: 52 Centimeters


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