There a numberous names for us grandparents such as grandmother/father, grandma/pa nanna, pop, gramps and papa just to name a few and then there are other names unquie to a persons culture.
I am nanna to my grandchildren as I do not like to be called grandma “grandma” makes me feel old…………
Tim is called papa because he doesn’t like the name “pop” for the same reason.
So here is my question to you if you are a grandparent what do your grandchildren call you, who picked the name you or the child.
Growing up I called all my grandparents nanna & pop my mother’s parents where just called nan and pop always and if I was talking about my father’s parents the it was poppy Jenkins and his mum was called “big nan” and his grandmother my great grandmother was always know as “little nan” because she was just that little she only stood around 4’6″. Little nan was the best she was just awesome. This is a 5 generations photo taken when Kathy-Lee was only 7 weeks old, little nan pased away a few years later.Image
My girls all call my parents nanna & pop and they called Tim’s mother grandma and they used to call his father grandpa but recently they have taken to calling him Ron as they said they do not respect him enough to call him grandpa if Tim “isn’t his son” then he “isn’t their grandfather”.
I have alway been close to my nan & pop but not much to dad’s parents although I did see poppy Jenkins a lot but rarely saw dad’s mum as she lived in Sydney and we just didn’t see her much. Anyway as child I spent a lot of time with my nan & pop and even though poppy Jenkins was often at our place I never felt like he liked me much, this I blame on the fact that he often said things that made me feel that way and when I was 14 he told me that my sister  Sue was a better girl then me. This is one of those things that have stuck in my head.

4 thoughts on “Grandparents

  1. I’m with you Joanne. I’m a grandparent and love it. They call me ‘grandma’ and hubby ‘papa’. My one grandson distinguishes by calling me ‘grandma mountain’ since we live in the mountains.

    I only knew one set of grandparents growing up – my mother’s side. My father’s parents died before or shortly after I was born so I didn’t get to know them. Wish I had — would have been interesting since they were from Scotland and had that drawl.

    I dearly loved my grandparents and called them grandmom and grandpop. I especially miss my grandmom even to this day. She played an important role in my life.

    (P.S.) Sorry late in giving feedback – just catching up on my reading.

    1. That is fine you taking your time to get here not like the post is going to vanish…………lol I think most grandparents love being a grandparent but I do know some that feel different

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