Heros and love


Do you ever get annoyed when you hear sports people being called heros? I do they are not heros in my eyes they are just people good at a sport. To me a hero is someone who knowingly puts the lives at risk in order to help another, it is someone who rushes into a burning building to rescue someone. It is not a footy player who is good at the sport or some awesome cricket player.
Fire personal, soliders, police offices and ambos are heros they choice to do a dangerous job, yes there are other heros out there those are jus the ones that come to mind. You maybe wondering what has inspired this post and to be honest I don’t really know but hell that is the case with most of my posts…….
Let’s move away from heros and onto people we love………….do you get annoyed when you hear people saying they love somone they have never meant and never will. At times it just annoys me that we say we love someone so easly when in fact we don’t love them we admire them we think they are cool and we love the work they do but we don’t really love them how could we, we don’t them.
It also annoys me when I hear people say they fell in love at first sight, I don’t believe in love at first sight……………you can be madly attracted to someone at first sight, you can be in lust at first sight and you can know straight off that you want to get to know someone a lot better but I do not think you are truly in love with someone as soon as you meet them. I knew straight off that I wanted to get to know Tim a lot better straight off the bat, I think we clicked when we first met but I do not think I was in love with him at first sight.

8 thoughts on “Heros and love

  1. I came over to visit from Wendy’s blog Searching for the happiness, and the first thing I see is this post which reflects exactly how I feel about the adoration of sports figures. I raised two boys and made sure they knew athletes were just people who happened to be good at something that paid extremely well. It didn’t make them better than anyone else and sometimes the money made them make worse decisions than people without that kind of money. I’ll be back to read more.

  2. Joanne – so true. We throw those cliches around so easily these days without giving it much thought.

    The words hero and love carry a lot more weight than we give them credit for.Thank you for talking about this. We should think a little harder before we tag something or someone with the word hero or love.

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