Little Leo is off to school…………………..


My darling little Leo has started school yesterday this is him doesn’t he look so handsome but it has made me think of how things have changed. We didn’t just take him to his class room first off and he didn’t start at 9am with all the other kids, he started at 10.35 and before we took him to his class room we first went into a room with just his teacher who gave him his name tag to pin to his shirt. Then we took him over to the class room where another teacher was with the other children, we didn’t go into the classroom and just dropped him off and left.

Now when my girls started school they started at 9am and we took them to the class room and stayed with them for a 5-10minutes.  There was nothing done really to prepare them for school although they all went to day care/pre-school for a couple of years before they started school. Leo attended a school starters program to get him ready for school and there was a lot of talk about whether or not Leo was ready to start school. I said just send him and we will soon find out how ready he is, Jessica was worried that he cannot say the alphabet or write his name and there are other things she worries that he can’t do. I cannot see the point in worrying none of my girls could do any of those things when they started school.

When my girls started school there was just me and their dad who took them but when my grandson Blain started school he had both his parents and his father’s mother there, I would had liked to have gone on his first day but didn’t feel that Natasha wanted me there…………..However, yesterday I went to see Leo start his first day of school but also there was hubby (papa) along with Jono & Kelli and baby Daemon.

So do you think too many people worry about how their child will do at school.

4 thoughts on “Little Leo is off to school…………………..

  1. I took my daughter to her class and then stayed a few moments she didn’t even know I was still there as she sat up front cross-legged intently listening to the teacher…so I left and the tears gushed out as I walked to my car. My little girl was going to school. Man I could have used some support that day! 🙂

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