My Dad’s Memory


How do you tell someone that their memory is going? I am not talking about just being forgetful but really forgetting things like who people are and paying bills. My dad’s memory is really starting to go down hill before Christmas he couldn’t remember who Tina was (she is his granddaughter) when he saw her he knew who she was.


Dad is the one who pays all the bills and is in control of the household finances but there has been many times when mum has given him a bill to pay and he says ok and then forgets to pay it and if mum reminds him more then once he will get angry with her. There have been times when he has forgotten completely about the bill and hasn’t paid it to after the due date and when the next bill comes in and they have an late fee he will be why wasn’t this paid. You didn’t give me the bill or tell me it had to be paid it makes mum feel like pulling her hair out with frustration.


She remember my pop telling her that you need a lot of patience when dealing with someone who is losing their memory, and there have been many times when she has sat alone in her bedroom asking “how did you do it dad”.



13 thoughts on “My Dad’s Memory

  1. Hi Jo-Anne. So sorry to hear about yiur dad’s memory fading. It is such a worry and can be so frustrating and hard on the other person. I have a friend who is going through exactly the same thing, only probably worse.

  2. So sorry Joanne, we went through this with my mother in law, it was devastating to my DH since we were taking care of her. My daughter was the last person she remembered. Hugs….

    1. We have seen my nan’s memory go too, along with her ability to walk and talk or take care of herself……………so only time will tell if dad only loses his memory or much more

  3. I’m sorry Joanne. It must be so devastating to watch the one you love and know so well slip in and out of memory loss. Seems like we lose a piece of them a little at a time and feel helpless for them. God bless you all and may the love you share for each other keep and care for you through this.

    1. Yeah it really sucks thankfully dad is only in the really early stages of memory loss but it does hurt and feel terrible to see him have problems. It is harder for mum though

      1. Yes it must be especially tough for your mum seeing it unfold before her eyes … God bless you all. Sending prayers, hugs and warm wishes for the best for your family.

  4. This is so hard to deal with ~ I understand. Perhaps you should begin to take over the bills or at least know where they are…I’m dealing with this now as my dad paid all the bills and my mom is unable to do it now that he recently passed.

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