Big notes or small notes


Ok you go to the bank and get out a couple of hundred dollars to do your shopping with do you like to get large notes such as 50’s or 100’s or do you prefer 20’s or 10’s……………… I like smaller notes I prefer either 10’s or 5’s and it is not unusally for me to get the money out of the ATM and go into the branch and ask for smaller notes when I do that I like to get all 5’s.

Does that make me weird?

9 thoughts on “Big notes or small notes

  1. Ahh.. Well, Ellie the wonder pooch is 12 and a half. My old retriever lived to 15 and I sorely regretted prolonging her life that last year as she suffered unduly. Ellie is in amazingly good health. But I cannot fathom putting her through undue suffering. It’s not about the money. It’s about what she will endure if I don’t make responsible and loving choices. Hugs

  2. I just like your currency better than our dull green backs! 😉 Actually I guess I am weird too because I also prefer smaller bills also or as you say “notes” which again is better than how say we see it.

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