My Favourite Saying & Blogging Questions


For many years my favourite saying has been “Life’s too Short to be Miserable” I add it to my letters to penpals as either a header or footer. I do not remember why this because a favourite saying of mine or when it did but it has been so for many years now…………..

So today I was wondering what others have as a favourite saying………….if anything………………..

On another topic where do you do your blogging is it at home or at work or when you are out and about if you go on holiday do you still blog?

I do mine from my home but when I was in New Zealand late last year I was blogging about my holiday but only on my Blogspot blog since I didn’t think to take the log in details with me for my WordPress blog. However I can tell you I will not make that mistake again next time we go away I will be taking my laptop with me and I will be blogging on both my sites.

How often do you blog?

Now everyone knows I post a number of times a week but I do read blogs pretty much every single day and I read and comment on a bloody lot of blogs something like between 20 and 30 a day although there are days when I am just so busy I may only read a dozen or so blogs.

How about liking and not commenting?

Yes I have done that too, simply because I am tired and my brain is not working and I can’t think of a single think to say or write so I just hit like to let the blog owner know I was there.  I do not hit like unless I have read the blog post and if I do read it and feel like it doesn’t connect with me or isn’t something I am interested in I may just leave without leaving a comment but that is rare. Even if the post doesn’t talk to me I will often still leave a comment usually saying so………..but hell not every post can connect/talk to a person….. right………


12 thoughts on “My Favourite Saying & Blogging Questions

  1. I take my iPad with me (with the keyboard) so I can blog when on holidays — and now that I’ve figured out how to load photos, it works great. My commitment to me is to blog everyday, so I blog everyday 🙂

    Like you, and Julie — it’s hard sometimes to keep up, so, I try to read everyone’s everyday, but some days I don’t.

    LOL — I do my best and accept others. I love the connectedness of blogging, and the fact I get to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world! I love that aspect so really do try hard to comment.

    One of my favourite sayings…. If I had but one prayer, let it be Thank you.

    So… here’s what’s funny about that saying, I thought it was someone else (and I’m sure it is, except the reference to it when I googled is… lol — I am so funny! Me!) i find that hilarious.

  2. I write from home – if something occurs to me while out and about I write it down. There are some posts that I like and don’t comment on – typically because I really like the post, but can’t think of anything of value to say! Favorite sayings – oh…Joanne, I have so many…perhaps “Man plans and God laughs”…

    1. Yes I like to carry my digital recorder with me so I can make a recording of things I would like to blog about. I like that saying “Man plans and God laughs” I will have to remember that one……..

  3. You DO read a lot of blogs! As of this week you are my TOP commenter (cool how WordPress does that isn’t it?) I don’t blog from work because I am without work. I have been struggling with blogging as of late, even more so for reading other blogs. I’m currently sitting at the airport at the tail end of a 12-hour grueling layover after a plus 2-week visit with my family. Haven’t been blogging much nor reading much during my family time, and when in Mexico my access to the internet is so limited…

    My saying?
    – Highway to hell is paved with good intentions;
    – Chocolate makes the world go round;
    – It is what it is;
    – I love you (I do say that a lot, I’m so lovey-dovey and always say it to those I love).

  4. actually because of the blogs I would like to get an ipad…I enjoy all of them and am addicted!! 😉 Forget magazines, I have my blogs! I may not comment or even hit like on some but I do read them. When I am at work I take a break and read some, it is there that I am unable to comment because I read them from my email. See how addicted I am – I used to bring a book to work to read when I was on break – 😉 But it is a good addiction.

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