Hello 2013


Hello 2013 I have high hopes for you please do not let me down as I get hurt easy……………..lol

I started the year on a high by having Kathy-Lee & Sydney-May, Jessica & Leo along with my niece Kelli her son Daemon and my other grandson Blain over for lunch. I did invite Natasha and Jerry and Michael as well but they didn’t bother to turn up because they were hung over.

Speaking of hang overs well not really about hang overs more about NYE Natasha, Jerry & Michael went out to watch the fireworks and get drunk while doing so and left Kathy-Lee at home with Sydney.  Yes they did ask her if she wanted to go too but there was no way she was going to take Sydney out around a bunch of drunken, smoking people till the early hours……………….no bloody way. So Kathy was not in the best mood NYE but seemed ok New Year’s Day.

Today being the second and Wednesday I was supposed to go and see my nan but haven’t had the chance to do so, I am hoping to get over to see her either tomorrow or Friday.  Also today Jessica had her car repaired at last she needed a new starter motor cost being $240 for a new starter motor supplied and fitted.

Today it has been a lot cooler then the last few days……………..no need for the air con today……….

Now I am just waiting for Jessica to get her house keys back and go home so I can recover from my headache, it is hard to get rid of the headache while I have Leo here making noise………….lol



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