Christmas Day

Aus Card

Well here in Australia it is Boxing day aka the day after Christmas Day, don’t ask me why the 26th is called Boxing Day I don’t know it just is……………

How was everyone’s Christmas, mine was wonderful I got some nice presents and spent the day with my family as I do every year. We have cold meat and salad with hot baked potatoes I bought a 2kg bag of washed potatoes and cooked all of them I cut them into small slices to get the most out of them and there was only 5 left over after lunch.  Anyway I wasn’t going to peel them and was just going to cut them up and cook them but Tim came into the kitchen and was like you’re not peeling them and I said nope if you want them peeled you can do it but I am not……………….so he peeled them…………

Christmas Day

Moving on we got to my parents place around 10am where we opened more presents in fact it is a little crazy at mums place with lots of people exchanging gifts and what not………………

Jessica and Leo had turned up at my place around 8.30am and opened presents here before we went to my parents place. They spent Christmas Eve over at Jono & Kelli’s place.

The only drama of the day was when my brother in-law Ed cut his finger while slicing the ham, Ed is a big help on Christmas Day he slices all the meat for mum most of it is done using the meat slicer mum has but the ham he was doing with a knife. He had only just sharpened the knife moments before cutting his finger; I was talking to him when he did it.

This year it was a wet Christmas Day so we couldn’t set the tables up in the carport, which to be honest didn’t bother me at all I prefer to eat in the lounge room it feels more like Christmas even if it is a bit crowded…………

Me  & Tim

There were only 12 adults and 5 children there this year for lunch but before lunch there were 19 adults and 8 children some didn’t stay for lunch. Jeannie has lunch with her boyfriend Peter and his family and my sister in-law Leigh goes over to her mums for Christmas lunch and my brother Dave joins her there after lunch.

I had a few drinks while at mums but nothing else when I got home didn’t feel like having any more grog, I am not much of a drinker.

Today I am home alone as Tim is working in Sydney he will be home late around 10 or 11pm me I will be in bed by the time he gets home.

Lunch table



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