Chrismas Cards and More


Christmas cards do you send them to people or isn’t that you maybe you’re not a Christian and that is fine too not everyone is and that is fine with me. If you do send Christmas card do you send many or only a few do you have a list or play it by ear.

I have a list but have misplaced it so some people may end up with 2 cards this year……… this morning I did my ecards also well most of them there are still a few I have to send buy I have to find my address book first……………lol

Each year I get some personalised cards made up with photos of my family on the cover, and I also send normal Christmas cards to some people and I have even had cards printed up for my parents and my sister as well.

I have a bunch of cards hanging on my wall but I expect to get more during the week, oh yeah I also like to buy special cards for my parents and daughters and usually for Tim as well.

After I take Jessica & Leo home I will have to sort through the presents I bought on Friday and Saturday so I am hoping she doesn’t take forever to get up and yes I know it is already 10.20am but hell me and Leo have been up since around 6.30am. I have done a couple of loads of washing and sorted out the weekends washing and put those clothes away and made a phone call to Hamper King was on hold waiting 40minutes for them to answer………..

Both me and Tim are looking forward to having a night without any grandkids here we had Blain Friday night and Leo Saturday & Sunday nights. I love them but it is nice to have quiet nights. We also had Blain here yesterday from around 12.30pm till 3.30pm when his mum picked him up and by the time she got here they had done my head in a lot of fighting about nothing like boys/kids do………


2 thoughts on “Chrismas Cards and More

  1. Oh yeah. Those nights without the grandguys. So quiet. And yet, consider the alternative. No grandguys at my house. Unspeakable.

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