Flying and getting seasick not at the same time…………

Airport (1)

As everyone knows I recently went on a holiday to New Zealand and had an awesome time while there, here are a few photos taken while on holiday. Well these ones were taken while flying either to or from New Zealand not sure which but we were flying that much I know………………………

Flight Home (5)

I do enjoy flying ok never been in a plane that has had turbulence so may not like that………lol I guess it is the same as being on the water I was fine when we went on our cruise and I am fine when the water isn’t choppy or rough………….but seasick when it is………….did I mention that I throw up when we went on a tour of White Island we had to get there by boat and I got seasick going over well it happen just as we arrived and I threw up.

Flight Home (7)

On the trip back from the island I got knocked off my feet and hit my head hard and was told I should had gone to hospital but of course I didn’t want to instead we just went to our motel and Tim kept an eye on me for the rest of the evening.

Flight Home (1)


9 thoughts on “Flying and getting seasick not at the same time…………

    1. A lot of people find it amusing that I love flying since I am terrified of open heights and I have to point out that the plane isn’t open………’s not like I am sitting outside on a wing………….lol

    1. It took 3 & half hours to fly from NZ to Aus and 3 hours to fly from Aus to NZ yeah it took longer to fly back and it took us 5 and half hours to get from Sydney to Newcastle by train if we had arraged for someone to pick us up it we would have been home quicker as it is only a 3 hour drive but we didn’t want to put people out so we caught a train home

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