Suicide is Serious…………..Always

Suicide not something people like to talk about but something that has been on my mind this morning and no I do not want to end my life, I have a great life but I have a sister and yes I am sure everyone is thinking Sue…………………and yes I am talking about Sue…………………..anyway she has a habit of posting Facebook statuses like this one “I want to go home. My eternal home and be with my heavenly Father I’m ready Lord! Please take me home”
Now everyone in the family worries about Sue because she does seem to have this thing about death and even though she is annoying at times we love her and do not want to see anything happen to her. That said when I read this status on Friday my only comment was “WTF” maybe not a concerning or helpful comment but sometimes we do feel that she posts statuses like this to get a reaction out of us and that is wrong we shouldn’t feel like that we should always take her seriously because if she did do something to harm herself we would all feel awful and guilty.

My questions to other readers is do you ever see or hear statements like this so often that you become immune to them, because that is what I think happened with me on Friday I just felt like I had heard it before and she doesn’t mean it and well “WTF”……………..

Sue if you are reading this I don’t feel like “WTF” at all I love you and I worry about you but you have shut yourself off from me and others and that is not good. I would hate to see you harm yourself in any way shape or form…………………… Please remember sis that no matter how angry or pissed off we maybe with each other you are an important member of this family and NO you are not the black sheep of the family the only person who thinks that is YOU……………………You are Sue a one of the kind person loud and over the top at times but loving and sentimental as well…………


9 thoughts on “Suicide is Serious…………..Always

  1. Sometimes I think certain people say things like that just to get attention, but then I give myself a kick in the butt and tell myself, “If she’s just doing it to get attention, Teresa, then why don’t you just give her some?”
    I guess we all need attention sometimes–some of us need more than others.
    Love and blessings to you, my friend.

  2. I have a friend we almost lost to suicide, she would say things like that and we would joke with her to get her to laugh, thinking we were helping her feel better about herself. It was done in love, but we were going about it the wrong way. She is bipolar and did not know it at the time and she was hurting inside. At times we thought she was not serious just letting off steam. She wanted to be heard that she really was suffering, we almost lost her because we did not understand. Now I don’t know your sister, but I would say really listen to her, she may be calling out for help. Or if she is just trying to get a reaction out of you, let her and just accept it. Either way she may just need you. Blessings to you and your sister – you are both in my prayers…Patty

    1. You are so right and my daugher has raised the question whether Sue could be bipolar but of course not with Sue only raised it with the rest of the family over a Friday breakfast…………..we do love and worry about her and I thank you for your prayers

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