What does your bedroom look like? Is it is neat and tidy with everything in its place? Or is it an organised mess? What made me ask this today?

Well I just went into my bedroom to change into my long pyjama pants why well because they are warm and comfy and I am not going anywhere so why not………………..but when I went in to change I took off the ¾ pants I was wearing and folded them and put them on the floor beside my bed which made me think that my bedroom is more and organised mess and not neat and tidy but my side of the bed is a lot neater then Tim’s side………………yes his side is a terrible mess and he can’t find anything unlike me I don’t have much trouble finding my stuff when I want something I can go and get it straight up without having to ask Tim were it is………………………….of course he has to ask me were stuff is whenever he is after something and most of the time it is right under his nose he just doesn’t move stuff when he is looking……………..but then he is a man and most men don’t move things…………lol

Tim has two rooms our bedroom and his office/room where he has his computer and tv and that room is also a mess and he often complains he can’t find something in there and blames Leo for getting into his stuff but the truth is the room is just a mess…………………and he is lazy I will say to him that I am respecting his space which is why I don’t go in and tidy it up unless he asks me too……………

Children usually have a messy room I remember when my girls got to be teenagers I would often just close the door and not go into the room unless they said it was ok for me to go in and clean it for them…………..


11 thoughts on “Bedrooms

  1. Both hubbie and I are neat-niks. So, I ask, why did all three of our kids have such disgustingly messy bedrooms?

      1. I can believe that! I need order in the home because it helps me deal with the other chaos in my life knowing I can retreat to my home when I need to. 🙂

  2. it’s def. a man thing. they can’t find it even if it’s right in front of them. it’s good that you respect his space (study).

    1. Sorry Fran, I have to disagree. I spend half my time looking for my wife’s stuff which she abandons all over our house. She is also a prime user of the pile filing system. Pile stuff up, then move said pile to another room, out of sight. Then forgets what she put where….. but I still love her to bits… lol

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