Trick or Treat

As everyone should know I am Australian and in Australia and until about 15yrs ago you never heard anything to do with Halloween and as such I do not celebrate Halloween although many in this country do now days.  I feel that it was introduced by stores trying to make more money, anyway today while I was out shopping with my daughter Kathy-Lee I notice in neighbouring suburb the shopping area had a trick or treat event on with nearly all the stores and business having signs up saying “trick or treat here” and there were so many kids everywhere all dressed in costumes and I wished I had my camera with me to take some photos but of course I didn’t and I didn’t even think about using my phone so no photos. I did think it was awesome that the business area had done this as many families do not celebrate Halloween so it gave the local children a chance to go around trick or treating and dress up in awesome costumes and have a great time…………


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