It’s Bloody Hot Here

Damn it’s hot here today have the air conditioner going and have only ventured outside a couple of times to peg the washing on the line. Tim wants me to clean up the yard but it is too hot for me to do anything outside, pegging the washing out was enough for me till I have to go out and get it in again later this afternoon.

Tomorrow our daughter Natasha asked us to watch Blain which she is working in fact she is working today and tomorrow, Kathy is watching him tonight and we will have him tomorrow night she is doing bus marshalling again but Jessica wasn’t lucky enough to get work this time around. I am looking forward to having Blain here this will be the second weekend in a row he has been here, he stayed last Saturday night after we had dad’s party…………….

I was going to go out this morning to do some clothes shopping but after getting up and finding how hot it is I just lost interest so haven’t done much at all.

When it’s stinking hot what do you like to do, go out or stay home? How do you cope when it is hot? Do you ever suffer from heatstroke?

Speaking of heatstroke I remember when my girls were younger before we had air conditioning our girls would often suffer from heatstroke and in fact there was a few times when the girls came home from school sick because of the heat, back then the class rooms didn’t have air conditioning in them. I remember myself also getting ill at school due to the heat.


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