It’s 000 not 888

This is funny but  for many Australians it is just so true…………………now if I was in a situtation where there was an emergency what would I do well I have no bloody idea maybe run around in circles not knowing what to do………….yes I am not that level headed well I don’t think I am…………

I remember when my youngest rode a pee wee 50 into a fence and split her head open and there was a lot of blood I was told to ring 000 and what did I do I tried ringing 888 yeah couldn’t even get 000 right……………….lol

How about you do you have a level head?

Do you keep your cool in an emergency?


6 thoughts on “It’s 000 not 888

  1. Haha! Once, I smelled smoke in my house and I ran outside and asked my neighbor to come see what he thought. It was nothing, but then, I asked him, what should I do if a fire happened? I don’t have the fire trucks’ phone number in my cell phone. He said, “uh, call 911” (US emergency line, extremely common and it really was a duh moment). I said, “oh yeah. Heehee!”

  2. lol, I’m usually pretty good in a major emergency, but the smaller crises can send me spinning. One time I completely blanked on the guidelines for determining a concussion. Clearly, it made sense to call a friend who lived 1500 miles away. 😛

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