A Smack Is Not Abuse In My Opinion

As a child I was smacked from time to time and when my girls were little they were smacked also from time to time and I for one belive there is a big difference between smacking and child abuse to me a firm smack or two on the bottom is not abuse it is discipline yes I do smack my grandsons if they are really naughty but it is now and has always been a last resort. After I have smacked like around 10-15 minutes later I will go and speak to the child and ask if they know why they got a smack and if is it needed I will ask them to say sorry, like if they have hit or hurt someone or even the dog I get them to say sorry yes I have made them say sorry to the dog because I want them to understand that dogs have feelings and can get hurt just like a person can. I do not believe in smacking with a belt or anything other than your hand………….

So many children grew up with little to no discipline, they grew up cheeky and feeling that they were intitled to everything without having to work for it and can do whatever they feel like without any consequences. Thankfully my daughters who are all mothers feel that their child need boundaries and set rules and discipline and even though they do not like to smack, realise that sometimes it is needed……………

Yes I know this may piss off some people and some will think I am abusing my grandchildren when I resort to a smack on the bum and that is fine they are allowed to have their own opinion.


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