Have I Changed……………..


I saw on Wendy’s blog a post about how a persons personality can change as they age and this made me think about my own personality  and I do not think I can answer whether my personality has changed as I have gotten older. I think that is best left up to those who know me and who have know me for years to answer.

I do not think I am any different the I was when I was say in my 20’s I am older and in some ways wiser and of course I am a lot more mellow the I was in my 20’s, things don’t bother me as much as they use to I am far more laid back.  Or as my mum would say I don’t sweat the small stuff as much as I did when I was younger, but is that a change in my personality………………you tell me……………



7 thoughts on “Have I Changed……………..

  1. I don’t think our core personalities change, but we do change our behaviours. I’ve always been impatient. When I was younger, I made a scene about it, telling banks for instance, put some more tellers out so this line gets moving. I’m still impatient but I no longer act out about it. I stay silent and from the outside it looks like I’m just being patient… 🙂 I’ve learned to modify my behaviour…

    1. I went from being very shy and not saying anything to anyone about anything to being a little rude and speaking out when I felt I had to till speaking out only when it is really needed and now always in a quiet and respectful voice…………..

  2. It seems to me that our personalities become distilled as we age – look at an elderly person, do you see sweetness, anger or calm? I’d bet those traits are far more obvious now than when they were young. i’d better get my act together or my kids will have a cheeky, snipping old ma around…

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