Just A Poem……….Thoughts Are Free

This is a poem I hear while watching a documentary about the Holocaust and like it so much I wanted to share it


Thoughts are free, who can guess them?

They flee by like nocturnal shadows.

No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them

with powder and lead: Thoughts are free!

I think what I want, and what delights me,

still always reticent, and as it is suitable.

My wish and desire, no one can deny me

and so it will always be: Thoughts are free!

And if I am thrown into the darkest dungeon,

all this would be futile work,

because my thoughts tear all gates

and walls apart: Thoughts are free!

So I will renounce my sorrows forever,

and never again will torture myself with whimsies.

In one’s heart, one can always laugh and joke

and think at the same time: Thoughts are free!

I love wine, and my girl even more,

Only her I like best of all.

I’m not alone with my glass of wine,

my girl is with me: Thoughts are free!


4 thoughts on “Just A Poem……….Thoughts Are Free

  1. lovely – thank you for sharing. I treasure moments when something catches my eye, makes me sit and relax and take a break from busy work… like this post did.

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