Say It And Forget It Write It And Regret It

Now days we have social media sites Facebook and Twitter and you know so many people are so clueless about how their words can hurt another person they will post updates and status’s without thinking things through and end up hurting someone or causing a online fight………………..and yes even I have done it.

Now everyone who knows me knows I do not have a mean bone in my body and I would never intentionally hurt someone or cause a fight but it has happened. Although I do try to not post things that will cause problems there have been times when I have left a comment to someones status and that person will take offence and before you know it there is an online fight……………

I do not think people should use Facebook or Twitter when they are angry because you are more likely to say/write something that will cause more trouble then it is worth.

Then there are those who have been on the news and such lately who just seem to like to write mean and hurtful things to people they do not know, I don’t get that but then I am a normal person and I think people who do things like that are not normal………………….because really do normal people like to attack people they don’t know just because someone is on television or in films doesn’t mean you know them and that doesn’t give anyone the write to say or post mean and nasty things about them.

Facebook and Twitter are great they make the world and even smaller place but honestly you should really think before you post something that could cause more problems and if you wouldn’t say it to a persons face you shouldn’t post it about them………….


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