Self Respect or The Best Me I Know How To Be

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you this is simple but it is also something many people do not do,  you have to love yourself and be happy with who you are if you want others to feel the same way about you. This is something it took me a long time to realise but I have at last got there and I am now happy with who I am. I am a wonderful, caring and loving woman and I deserve to be treated with nothing but respect.

It did take me a long time though to get to this point in my life, although when I was in  my 20’s I would often jokingly say that  I was perfect and my sister Sandra would always have a go at me about it and so I stop saying it and started to think less of myself. ……………..I of course never really thought I was perfect but I would say if I don’t think so highly of me how could anyone else think highly of me………….if that makes any sense.

So no I am not perfect but I am the best Jo-Anne I know how to be………….



8 thoughts on “Self Respect or The Best Me I Know How To Be

  1. I’m so glad to have reached that time of my life where I can reflect on events, and come to respect myself. Thanks for the reminders that we all have worth.

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