Blogging and Spelling Mistakes or Just Me Rambling On……………

Look how slack I have been with posting here, I have just given myself a nice slap on the wrist/hand for my slackness…………

Anyway I have been battling tiredness this last week wanting to have a nap each day and not a short nap either a bloody long 3hr nap but not today no I have managed to stay awake how cool is that, yes it is cool evern if you don’t agree you can pretend to agree can’t you……………

What is it with me and blogs I am either reading blogs, commenting on blogs or writing blog posts or yes even starting new blogs…………yes you read that right starting new blogs such as this one over here: why I don’t know I just did then I realised I alread had a tumblr blog so now I have two oh well I do love to blog…………lol

It may come as a surpris to people but I do not write the same stuff on each blog the general topics maybe the same but the content is different if you don’t belive me go and check them all out…………………I also have a blogspot blog which can be found here: so how many blogs do you have and if you have more then one do you write the same stuff on each of them or are you like me and write different posts for each blog…………..

Do you give a lot of thought to what you are writing or do you just sit and type and see what comes out, that is what I do most of the time I just sit and let my fingers dance over the keyboard and what come out is a post for the day, often it is rambling dribble but I am so likeable it’s ok……..yes I know I have tickets on myself but hell if I don’t say I am likeable how could anyone else think so…………… I right or am I right……..and don’t say I am wrong just to be differnt………..

Oh yeah I wanted to aske do any of you write a post or a comment and at a later time are reading over what you wrote and notice spelling mistakes you didn’t pick up when you wrote the post or comment and if so do they then annoy you and make you wonder if the person reading noticed them…………….I do more often the I like the reason I think it happens is because I touch type and do not watch were my fingers are going and sometime I type faster then I can read…………


11 thoughts on “Blogging and Spelling Mistakes or Just Me Rambling On……………

  1. Your questions about mistakes and misspellings on my posts? I’m an obsessive editor, so I do a lot of revising before I post. My errors drive me crazy. They don’t bother me in another writer’s posts, however. I wish I could be as free-spirited as they are.

    1. I try to make sure I have no mistakes and often use the dictionary that is in the draw next to me which is why I get annoyed when I read something I wrote and posted and didn’t realise there was mistakes in it

  2. You know the MB. I’m all over the place. I do love wordpress though. I messed around with the Tumblr. Still no freeking clue how to navigate that one. I’ve got 5 if you count Tumblr. I don’t though, because I don’t care for it. I toyed with it for a few and I had a “secret” blog on here before I made this one, but it’s gone now. And just like you I post something “different” on each one. I did “repost” a couple from blogspot to this one though, when I started it. Just to get some more traffic maybe. I’m hoping you’re feeling better! 🙂

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