Sickness and Laundry and One Lazy Husband……………


As many people will have noticed I have not been around much ok at all in the last week and half why is this well if you don’t know already I have been as sick as all hell but I am now on the mend although I think it will be a long and slow road to recovery.

Today I have been feeling better and even managed to make something for lunch honey soy chicken kebabs and home made chips that I cooked in the airfryer and I am still eating a lot of fruit since it helps with the dry mouth and drinking a lot of water.

If anyone wants to read more about my sickness then pop on over to my blogspot blog……………

However I will ask how do you deal with sickness?

 Me well I think I deal pretty good while I was really sick I was in bed and did nothing for days on end now, I am coping even though I do still want to sleep a lot but at least I am out of bed and of course I still have to do the normal household chores such as the laundry and packing and unpacking the dishwasher. Do I want to do these things NO but if I don’t who will……..

Speaking of laundry let me tell you about the saga of Tim and the washing I took sick on a Friday and on the following Sunday I throw a load of washing in the machine and and told Tim to peg it out on the line but around 6pm Sunday night he comes in and says to me I forgot about the washing do I have any clean shirts for work. He had one and I told him to throw the clothes into the dryer and he said he would he took the clothes and put them into the dryer……………..on Monday when Kathy turned up to take me to the doctor I asked her to get the clothes out of the dryer she comes back and says dad didn’t turn it on grrrrrrrrrrrrr………… she turned it on for me…………

 In fact Tim did very little to anything while I have been sick he didn’t feed the dog, didn’t pack the dishwasher didn’t do anything……………..the house looked like a bomb hit it till my daughter Natasha came over and cleaned the kitchen and bath and vacuumed out for me.


11 thoughts on “Sickness and Laundry and One Lazy Husband……………

  1. My husband needs to be doted on when he’s sick, but he’s not too good about reciprocating when I am.
    Get well soon before your house falls apart.

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