Ok saw this on Facebook and I think most of us can relate there has been so many inventions in the last 100 years or so and sometimes I think there are some young people who take all these things for granted but let us thing of just a couple of big inventions for a moment. Electricity being a big on where would we be without it there would be no computers since they run off electricity no television no hot and cold running water since for many people their water is heated via electricity no refrigeration which is also powered with electricity so electricity is a big invention………..another big one is the telephone remember the internet is connected via the telephone line if the telephone hadn’t been invented there we wouldn’t have mobile phones either since they came by way of people trying to make it possible to take the telephone with them and not just have it in their home.

So what other big inventions have led to other inventions, you tell me……………………now I bet some of you may really have to think about it


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