Talk or Text


I think pretty much everyone has a mobile phone now days but here is a question how do you use your mobile do you just make and receive phone calls, or do you like to send text message, do you use your phone for Facebook or to surf the web?

Me I make and receive phone calls and I send text messages and I have even used this new phone I have to get on Facebook while I am at home watching TV at night but I connect through the house internet and not the phones internet.  

 Now there are times when I prefer to send and receive text messages over making and receiving phone calls, this is while I am watching telly that way I don’t have to pause the show I’m watching instead I can just read and answer the text.

I never answer my phone while I am driving my car, I will pull over and answer it or if I get a text I will pull over and read the text but I know many people are not so careful my mother has a habit of answering the phone while she is driving but she is getting better at learning to stop and answer it.

I have a daughter who is for ever answering her phone while driving or sending text messages while driving and she has even got a fine for using her mobile while driving but it hasn’t stopped her, to me it is not worth the $300 fine.



8 thoughts on “Talk or Text

  1. My antique cell phone won’t text. I don’t have “free” minutes either, so I seldom use it.

  2. My wife doesn’t like my phone because it has a big screen. But I use mine for internet, texting and the camera more than anything. Mostly I use the Google Reader App to read all the blogs I follow. I generally use about 20 minutes a month on actual phones calls. And my texting, on average is around 2500 a month, I like to say I compete with my teenage daughter on the texting, but she uses more than that. And also about half our minutes.

    1. I can remember when phones kept getting smaller and now they are getting bigger again………teenage girls are amazing when it comes to useing a mobile if you get a phone and not sure how to use it ask a teenager……….lol

      1. My daughter has an iPhone and my wife picked one up when we upgraded. She had to ask her all the time how to do stuff. My mom calls her all the time to ask stuff about her phone as well. Lol. I guess teenagers are good for something after all.

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