What Does “In Love” Mean…………………


What does being “in love” mean to you………………I think a lot of young people ok not just young people but people in general feel if they are not having those feeling of euphoria, and occasionally a feeling of being overcome with emotion and/or a desire to be with a person, then they are no longer “in love” with someone. I do not agree that feeling of euphoria is something you have at the start of a relationship but over time that fades……………and is replaced by a much deeper and stronger love.

Love that lasts and stands the test of time involves making compromises and accepting that your partner may piss you off or annoy at times and will have different interests to you but that is ok. If you have a man who likes to come up and give you a cuddle but you don’t want a cuddle think is it really that hard to give into the cuddle, however, if you if you find that your partner is forever annoying you with wanting a cuddle and when I say a cuddle I mean just that a cuddle nothing  more but you are not  one for cuddles and hand holding you need to explain it to them that sometimes you find it nice but you are just not into hand holding and cuddling all the time.

I have been with Tim 29yrs and I am still “in love” with him but do not have the desire to be with him all the time and to be all huggy and kissy all the time but I still say that I am in love with him, why well because I still enjoy is company and I cannot imagine my life without him.

I feel that this is one of the reasons that some people move from one relationship to another because they want to have that euphoria feeling all the time and that is not what love is all about, well not for me it isn’t.



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