I Have Cold & Sweaty Feet How About You…………….


You know one thing I really hate about winter…………cold feet…………………and I suffer from cold feet a lot in winter, in fact while at home I wear two pairs of socks and my feet still oftern feel cold………..what the hell is that all about……..lol

It is also very annoying and painful when you hit your foot against something, anything it hurts and you hell and you swear and or is that just me………….lol

While on the topic of feet, what is with somepeople wearing shoes without socks if you are wearing jockers wear socks firstly they stop your shoes from smelling and they help prevent blisters so go out get some socks and wear them…………..If you are a parent then put socks on your child they are learning from you and if they say they don’t want socks be the parent and tell them they have to wear socks…………… me I have to wear socks or if I am wearing heels I wear knee high stockings or ankle high stockings because my feet sweat a lot and I mean a lot the only shoes I can wear without something covering my foot first are thongs……….which I wear all the time in the summer months in fact thongs are the only flat shoes that I can wear, yep I can’t wear flats and not because I am short but because they make my legs ache.

My youngest daughter Jessica has just started to wear heels herself she is 23yrs old and it makes me feel like she is growing up…………lol, her sister Nataaha use to always wear heels all the time but recently she has stopped doing so. Kathy my precious first born wears heels from time to time but more often then not she is in heels……..


10 thoughts on “I Have Cold & Sweaty Feet How About You…………….

  1. Ugh heels.. I wish I could wear those, I feel like such an idiot when I wear them. Like I’m walking funny and looking all goofy! Props for anyone who can rawk some heels. I”m jealous. I’m a dedicated sock wearer when wearing anything other than flip flops. My daughter on the other hand has recently started going with out the socks. It makes me bonkers, but at the same time. I’m like, ya know.. She’s not going to be able to wear those before long anyway. ha ha… Why should I care? I’m terrible, I know!! Hey! Have an awesome weekend!!!

    1. When I was younger I wore 4 or 5 inch heels all the time but not anymore I do like heels just not that high anymore……not because I have trouble walking in them but because they make me feet ache…..
      I am having an awesome Saturday, it is beautiful here sun is shining and had a couple of daughters over for a baked lunch…….

  2. I have cold sweaty feet too. It’s like a vicious cycle, they sweat, then get wet then freeze then it just goes on. I wear huge thick wool socks on the boat. On a boat there is nothing to warm up the floor. So yeah…

    p.s. I tagged you in the Hope Relay!

    1. Yes I noticed you tagged me I will do a hope post either this afternoon or tomorrow………….I find if I wear thick wool socks they make my feet sweat……………lol which is why I wear two pairs on thinner pair then the thicker bed socks…….

  3. I never wear heels — I can’t. I have bunions — family thing — and heels really exacerbate them. C.C., my beloved, never wears socks — even in his hockey or ski boots, he does not wear socks. even at -30C, he does not wear socks. I think it’s weird, he thinks it’s comfortable 🙂

    1. Wooo yuck not wearing socks at all to me it is just yuck but as you said he thinks it’s comfortable I guess it takes all types……….lol I have never had a problem with bunions or corns thankfully

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