Do People Take Advantage Of Me………………….Maybe…………………

I am a loving and caring person, this I have no doubt about I don’t judge people and I try to always be there for my family when they need me.

Now because of these traits I also believe people take advantage of me from time to time, so my question today is do you think people with big hearts and who are willing to help whenever they can get taken advantage of or is that just something in my own mind…………………..

Now don’t get me wrong this hasn’t happened in many years but there was a time when it seemed the case, many years ago I allow a couple of friends of my daughters to move in and live here for a few months and at the time a number of people would say that they were taking advantage of me. Maybe they were I don’t really know, was it a mistake to allow them to live here I don’t know, what I do know that those days were some of the happiest in my life maybe it was because I felt needed.

I do like to feel needed which maybe while I am always willing to do stuff for my daughters, like take them places go with them to appointments if they need me too. That said I think most people like to feel needed, it is normal and I am normal more or less anyway………lol

I know there are those who think my family will take advantage of my loving caring nature and my wiliness to do things for them, ok that is a bit vague so let me go into some detail I do make sure that my sisters have presents for our parents when it is their birthday, or mother/father day and of course Christmas yes I go out and buy the present and will wrap it and get a card. Recently we have had a few baby showers in the family and I have made sure my daughters and sisters have had presents and cards for the person this is just something I do so are they taking advantage of my kindness in allowing me to do this instead of doing it themselves……………I don’t know……………….

What I do know is that if they are taking advantage of me then I am allowing them to do so and is it such a bad thing, I know many people would think it is a bad thing but I don’t.  It would be a bad thing if I was unaware of it but I’m not in the dark I am a grown woman and I have a voice and if I wanted to say NO than I could I chose to say nothing so really are they taking advantage of me if I am ok with doing all these things. This is me this is who I am and for the most part I like who I am……….

Back to when Brodie & Aaron lived here they did pay rent and such not a lot of rent but what I asked for, the problems with them started after they moved out of here and into a flat that was in my daughter’s name she sublet it to them and they ran up a big phone bill and left before the lease was over and there was some other things that caused a rift between us and we no longer have anything to do with them. Now I know that hubby has said he would no longer open our home and hearts to people like that again but I am not so sure I think maybe I would.  That is just the way I am……………..

Yes I know this post is here there and everywhere but hell this is how I am at times my mind jumps all over the place……………lol



6 thoughts on “Do People Take Advantage Of Me………………….Maybe…………………

  1. Some of us (I consider myself similar to you) do that. We offer ourselves up. “Oh you need to wipe off your shoes? Why yes, of course you can use my back” I think personally I’m starting to decide more strategically who I am to be generous with and who I may retain from offering anything – anymore. I know there is that law of natural equilibrium – those who game most to me have not received as much in returned but in exchange I have given to others who haven’t given back. BUT when I feel I’m being laughed in the face by the person to whom I am giving – then I stop. Giving to that person. Will I ever stop being generous towards strangers or in general because my willingness to give hasn’t always been fully respected? No. Never. I still hope I can contribute something to make this world a better place. And I’m glad there are people like you who still do the same.

    Goodness will prevail! It must.

    p.s. I’m glad you no longer have ties with the “friends”

    1. It is good to know that I am not the only giving person around and I agree Goodness will prevail it has too………..I am also glad I no longer have ties with those people but at the time it was right to do so………….

  2. Just came over to check out your new WP site. I really like where you’ve started.

    I call what you discribed as a kaleidoscope mind. It’s fun during the day, but it’s a pain at night when I want to sleep. 🙂

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