Sensible, Responsible and Reliable That Is Me……………….Is That You Too………

Ok what do I want to talk about today, let me think for a moment and I will go with how sometimes it sucks to be the oldest child………… the oldest child it often seems to me that I am thought of as being sensible and responsible and reliable and what is even suckier is that I am all those things. If I act in a way that is not sensible or responsible then everyone things something is wrong with me it is as if I am not allow to just kick back and be silly…………I know that this is my own doing since I have been both sensible and responsible along with reliable ever since I was a teenager like from around the age of 14.

I remember when I was around the age of 14 I started cooking tea while my mum was at work I would have it all ready by the time she got home so that we could just sit down and eat and mum didn’t have to do anything. Also from about the same age my dad would give me mum to take my sisters shoppping for Mother’s Day, Christmas & Birthday Presents for mum and of course when my youngest sister and brother were born I would also take them shopping with me to get mums presents too so I was 16 and I would take 3 sisters and my brother with me to do the present shopping.

Now I am 49yrs old and I am stil the one who makes sure my siblings have presents for my parents well when I say siblings I mean sisters since my brother and his wife manage on their own to get presents.4

So here is my question do you ever think you are to sensible or to reliable do you think you have become set in a role in your family or maybe you are the one that everyone things can’t manage on their own or is the one most likely to mess up some how………….and if that is the case are those thoughts only thought of by you…………………..

My sister Sue thinks that about herself she always puts herself down and belives that she is the black sheep of the family when in fact she is the only one who thinks that……………..however I do not think I am the only one to think I am sensible and responsible and reliable I beleive all my siblings and other family members think about me in the same way…………….Image


6 thoughts on “Sensible, Responsible and Reliable That Is Me……………….Is That You Too………

  1. Hmmm…I am the youngest in my family of siblings. There are four of us. I am the fourth. I don’t think they expect one thing or another from me. I guess I don’t feel like I’ve been tagged one way or the other. I have tagged my sister as adventurous and funny and full of life and the love of life. I guess, I tag the others the same way. 🙂 All of my family members like to enjoy life and experience new things and do new things. I think that is pretty cool.

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