Gough Whitlam and things we don’t say

Good morning world, guess what I slept in this morning the first thing I thought when I got up was I slept in the second thought was I don’t feel well so maybe that is why I slept in…………..I am now up and dressed but really don’t feel like doing much of anything this morning.

It looks cold and wet outside, I am in long pants and socks on my feet as it is cold, have to say this weather lately is annoying, it’s hot then cold then hot again sometimes all in one day.

Now here is a question for you do you ever find yourself over stretching while on the toilet, I have there have been times when I am on the toilet wiping my bum and think to myself stop stretching Jo-Anne where do you think your bum is in the next room. Really have no idea why I do that but I do and it is annoying but being annoying doesn’t seem to stop me stretching like my bum is in another room. Yes I know you are wondering why on earth I would share this with the world but hell my life is an open book and I share many embarrassing things.

The big news here today is that Gough Whitlam has died he was our 21st Prime Minister, what I remember about him is that he was the only Prime Minister to be sacked from office that happened in 1975. Although everything I am hearing on the telly this morning is that he did a lot of good for the country in the 3 short years he was Prime Ministers. He brought in no fault divorce, which is a good thing; he is also the one who brought home our troops from Vietnam.

Moving on to things that are not said in Australia by Australians, like “crikey” the only person who said that was Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter),http://www.crocodilehunter.com.au/crocodile_hunter/about_steve_terri/

Also don’t hear people saying “fair dinkum” that was a saying from my grandfather’s generation.

We also don’t say “g’day” usually we say “hi” or “hello”, also my generation and young generations don’t call women “sheila” that is also one for past generations.

Lastly we don’t use the term “root” because here it means to have sex, it is often used in place of f****k. So to say you are rooting for someone just sounds wrong.

Ok that is enough dribble for this post, hope all have a good day, or night or whatever it is where you are.

I love him but he is so annoying at times

Good morning, well I started this last night but not posting till this morning. I am trying to get some more posts written and saved ready to use when I am busy or can’t think of anything to write about.

Tim is so annoying at times, it isn’t hot nor is it cold but it is very cool with the front door open, I have shut the door a number of times and Tim opens it again. He just came out from having a shower and because he is hot he opened the door again, when I said I didn’t want it opened he said “well I am hot” so once again what he wants is more important.

Although I am watching what I wanted to watch, the new show called “The Embassy” Tim said he thought it would be dribble, but knew I would like it so he went off to have his shower. I also have the subtitles on which I know would annoy him as he hates subtitles but I don’t care.

Another thing I hate is when Tim will say “you’re going to bed” and I will snap back yes I will be going to bed tonight but not right this minute…………just because I am going to be soonish doesn’t mean you get to watch what you want without consulting me.

We have an election coming up soon I don’t remember when it is but it is soon, anyway this afternoon I had a phone call about a survey about the upcoming election thankfully I answered the phone and I answered the questions it was just punching in a number for your answer. Tim said he would have just hung up, ok at first he said he would have told them to get effed and then hung up I said you didn’t speak to anyone you just hit a number, so then he said I would have just hung up. Me I feel that my opinion matters hence the reason I answered the questions.

Speaking of Tim not answering the phone, he rarely answers the phone, he can be sitting next to the phone but will still not answer it. Usually he will say it’s not for me so why should I bother answering it, that is also what my dad says, he is also terrible at answering the phone.


My Dad and Reading and what else oh yeah ice cream for breakfast

Good morning all, it is a nice Sunday morning here in my part of the world. Yesterday I was going to post but just didn’t feel like it, so I didn’t, I did, however, read 24 blogs then I deleted the rest out of my inbox.

The girls are coming for lunch today, we are having home-made chicken tenders and potato bake, Kathy will be here first around 9ish and Jess, Kelli and the boys should be here by around 11ish.

Last night for some reason Leo woke up around 2am and was awake for about an hour or so, but he was good he just stayed in bed playing and talking to me and papa even though both of us were still asleep.

I found dad a birthday present, a book about the history of Australia I was at the post office on Friday and saw it and thought dad would like this so I got it.

You know when I was a child I never saw dad with a book and when he first retired he was always at the computer but since he had cancer in 2009 he has taken to reading a lot. In fact you will see dad reading pretty much every day, I said as much to him yesterday when I dropped off his present. I think it is because reading is an easy hobby and so relaxing as well.

Dad doesn’t read fiction books though he only like’s books about history, I have given him a number of books the last couple of years.

ON another topic who thinks ice cream is ok for breakfast, on Friday I gave Blain an ice cream for breakfast and this morning I am allowing Leo to have ice cream for breakfast as well. When my girls were little I often let them have ice cream for breakfast, even though now those same girls will give me a look when I allow their child to have ice cream for breakfast.

Well that is all for this post, hopes everyone is having a great day.

The signs of aging

Well another day is upon us, a cold wet day at that as well I have been up and doing stuff for a while now and now I am just waiting for mum to pick me up to go see nanna because it’s Wednesday.

Anyway today we are going to talk about the 10 signs of ageing, so many creams say they can reverse the first signs of aging and maybe these creams can make the fine lines of wrinkles fad and your skin look more toned and soft but can they really revise the signs of aging I doubt it, so let us look at those signs that all women and many men will recognise all too well.

A sudden interest in pockets, pants with pockets, dresses with pockets why did we not know how useful pockets were till now

Why has the washing machine suddenly started shrinking our clothes really these clothes fit before and now they don’t and what is with these friends telling us that we are thickening around the waist, no the washing machine is shrinking our clothes.

What about the problem with the Logies and other award shows when we don’t have a clue who anyone is anymore.

Realising that no matter what the distance we are flying we want an inflatable travel pillow.

Having chats to our friends and family about why on earth someone would want to go out at 11pm when they should be home in bed, don’t they have to get up and go to work in the morning or have a family to take care of.

Wondering why young people go out without a cardigan or jumper don’t they get cold?

Having to hold things a foot or more away from us to read it without our glasses, and not being able to find my glasses if they are not hanging around my neck.

An obsession with convenient car parks, really who wants to walk a mile to get into the shop, hence the reason I like to get to the shopping centre nice and early just like my nan use to.

Suddenly realising clothes come in colours other than black, honestly for years black was my colour now I find myself dressing in many different colours.

Suddenly not giving a rats ass what other people think about how, I am dressed, how I dance, or how I live my life, I am happy and if someone has a problem with it, it’s not my problem and I don’t care.

So do you think there is a cream that can reverse those signs of aging and even if there was would we want it, I wouldn’t I happen to like aging it is empowering…………..

Happy Birthday Baby Girl…………aka……….Sandra

Good morning world yeah I know I say morning when it may not be morning where you are but it is here and what a morning it is nice and cool and wet, Tim had to take Jessica’s car to work due to the wet weather and the fact that I need my car to go to the doctors. Nothing wrong with me just need a form filled in for the RMS (roads & maritime service).

Anyway today is a special day in the family it is my sister Sandra’s birthday she is 37 today, bloody hell.

I can remember the night she was born, I was staying at my grandparents’ house while mum was in hospital and I was in bed already when dad turned up on his way home from the hospital to tell nan & pop and me about the baby. I remember hearing dad’s voice so I got out of bed and walked out to the loungeroom where he was and tells me I have a new baby sister, Sandra Mae.

I also remember going back to bed and feeling super excited, I was nearly 15 at the time.

I think somehow I knew this new baby would be like my own baby, I loved taking care of her and helping mum with her. As she grew into a toddler and mum had David to tend to I would look after Sandy more. She would come into my bed at night and cuddle up to me this she did for a long time and I have to say I liked it.

When she was only a tiny baby though I would take her into my room in her bounce and while I listened to music and I listened to loud music.

I remembered taking her with me when I walked around to the shops for mum, in fact I took both Sandy and Dave as mum had this big old pram and I would put both of them into it and walk around to the shops.

Our sister Jeannie was so excited about a baby sister that she took Sandy to school for show & tell, Jeannie was around 9 at the time.

For as long as I can remember Sandy was my baby girl, I often as a teenager like to think of her as my baby, she was the first baby I had fall off my bed………….lol, thankfully she wasn’t hurt and I just picked her up and settled her down, I didn’t want to tell mum she had rolled off the bed…………

So baby girl happy birthday from you big sister, ok you have 3 big sisters but the one who is a mummy/sister………love you sis






Tongue in cheek………….know the saying………..understand the saying………..

Good morning all it is a cooler day today here in my part of the world, I was just over at Diane’s blog who can be found here:

and she used the term tongue in cheek which reminded me that I wanted to write about the saying as the other day I was talking to Jessica and used the term myself and she wanted to know why people say it as it didn’t make any sense to her.

I explained to her it is said when something is not serious or intended to be taken seriously but still she thought it was a silly saying.

She stuck her tongue in her cheek and said what is funny about this, I had no answer for her, she than wanted to know who came up with the saying and again I had no answer but thanks to Google I can tell you it was used in a poem in 1842 called “The Ingoldsby Legends” in which a Frenchman inspects a watch and cries “Superbe Magnifique” (with his tongue in his cheek)I can also tell you with the help of Google that the ironic usage originates with the idea of suppressed mirth-biting one’s tongue to prevent an outburst of laughter.

So now we have all learnt something thank you Jessica for asking me a question I didn’t know the answer to and thank you Diane for reminding me I wanted to Google the question in order to answer it for Jessica.

So anyone else have a saying they don’t get or know how it started or why if so Google it………..or tell me and I will Google it for you and write a post about it……..lol


A Rambling Post With Photos of Hawaii

I just realised this morning that I didn’t post yesterday even though I had started to write a post, I guess with Leo being so demanding and the washing and such I just forgot to get back to the post and finish it off and hit publish oh well such is life…………so here is what I wrote yesterday with what I am writing today and today I will remember to post it.

Dawson is getting used to his new driver but not without another drama in his mother’s eyes, the new driver has the child lock on the doors and Michelle (his mum) rang up and complained to the school. However, she was told it was a new policy introduced and there was nothing that could be done about it, Michelle was arguing because the boys are all teenagers but they are teenagers with problems hence why they are going to a special school. She is also still complaining about the route she takes to the school, but really the woman has to do what she things is best and what does it really matter.

It’s another hot day here in Newie I manage to do all the washing and get it on the line before it got too hot, although inside the house it is not that hot.

Last weekend Dave manage to get the hands free in my car to work and I have already answered a couple of calls using it, I am so happy so thank you baby brother.

Now to Sunday, well I manage to have a sleep in this morning, I got up at 8am and that is a sleep in for me since during the warmer months I am usually up, dressed and doing stuff by 6-6.30am. Hence the reason I often feel like a nap in the afternoon, but having to pick Leo up makes it difficult and by the time I get home from getting him I usually don’t feel like doing so.

Tim wants to go out when he gets up to do stuff I am not sure what but he was talking like he wants me to go out with him, sometimes I do wonder why he needs me with him oh well will worry about that when he gets up which will be in a couple of hours I expect.

Mum was telling me last night that her and Sandra went down and listed all the stuff that will stay in the motor home when they sell it, now she just has to get dad to advertise it and to stop talking about it and do it. He keeps saying they have to do this or that before he advertises it and mum is like just advertise it already and we will get the things done because advertising it and selling it are two different things.

He is worrying a lot about money and mum says well if you sell the motor home that will give us some money. Mum doesn’t worry about money as much she can’t see the point worrying will not change things so why bother is mums point of view and have to say I agree with her. I also don’t worry about such things, in fact there are very few things I worry about I just take each day as it comes.

I can smell something sweet but not sure what it is or where it is coming from, might be pancakes I am not sure but it is a nice smell…………kind of making me hungry………oh well.

I guess I have rambled on enough for one post so I will now post this with some pictures of Hawaii………


Life on a U-Boat

Now let us talk about life aboard a U-Boat, well it was crowded and living conditions poor, each war patrol could take anywhere between 3 weeks to 6 months. During this time the crew were not able to bathe, shave or change their clothes. So the smell would have been terrible as well.

The crew as made up of specialists and seamen, they needed a radioman, a torpedo man and a machine man these men were responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment. Then there were the general duty tasks such as loading the torpedoes, standing watch on the bridge and operating the deck guns. There days were divided into three 8 hour shifts, one for sleeping, one for regular duties and one for other tasks.

The specialist crew had three 4 hour shifts between 8am and 8pm and two 6 hour shifts during the night. One of the worst duties was standing watch during a storm as the harsh North Atlantic environment meant that icy waves constantly swept over the conning tower completely submerging the boat at times. The crewman was secured by a safety line to prevent them being washed overboard.

Of course there was no privacy on board only the captain had any privacy with a simple curtain separating his quarters.

Food aboard a U-Boat was another interesting topic, at the start of a mission as much food as possible was cramped into every nook and cranny, including one of the toilets. They would have the best foods available to them including fresh meat, sausages, bead, fresh vegetables & fruit. However, because they only had a small refrigerators the food would spoil quickly especially in the damp environment.

The bread would sprout white fungi, which the crews nicknamed as “rabbits” due to the white fuzzy appearance. Canned goods supplemented by a soy based filler called Bratlingspulver, was issued by the military for U-Boat crews, the crew referred to it as diesel food due to the constant exposure of diesel exhaust which of course affected the taste.

Going to the toilet was no simple task, there was only one toilet until the food stored in the other was used up, and there was between forty to fifty crews sharing the only toilet. The flush system consisted of a hand pump where the contents of the waste was hand pumped into the ocean after each use. Using the toilet was prohibited when stalking an enemy as it was feared that the noise of clanking metal of floating debris would alert the enemy to the presence of a U-Boat.

The time spent on the submarines took its psychological toll with many crews painting a vision of emptiness. Months would pass and there were no trees, no hills and no landfill where one could place his feet, except on the deck of the U-Boat. The only excitement was when they were hunting an enemy ship, or when they were being hunted themselves, crews passed time by listening to a record-player built into the boat or by playing cards and organising some weird games to keep their minds occupied.

By the end of the war patrol, crews would emerge with long beards, soiled uniforms and an array of other obnoxious physical characteristic. It was after seeing the men returning from months of sea, Donitz when seeing his men returning said he knew what life aboard a U-Boat was like. As if I feel unless a person was there they really had no idea what life on a U-Boat was like.








A Door That Will Not Shut and A New Taxi Driver For Dawson

Good morning all it is a lovely wet kind of day here in my part of the world. I have been up about half an hour and done bugga all so far, not going to see nanna today mum has to take her car into the mechanics as on Sunday after leaving Dave’s place their back passenger side door would not close. Dad had to tire it shut and even then a couple of times it came open a tad, scaring Temika a little. So today it goes in to have that problem fixed, then mum has to take Dad down to Belmont hospital for his weekly rehap appointment, then she will have to go and get Dave for lunch as she is taking him to work this morning so they can have use of his car of course at some point she will have to go and pick her car up again also. So mum’s dad is too full to try and go see nanna, we will go tomorrow instead.

Yesterday Dawson had a new taxi driver pick him up and take him to school, the taxi picks up 4 boys and takes them to Wakefield school, now the old driver used to pick the boy up in Hamilton first than the others who are all around Gateshead area and go to Wakefield through Warners Bay and Teralba but this new woman did it all back to front and went out via Edgeworth and the boys ended up being late even though she picked Dawson up at 8.05am.

Also when mum walked him out to the car as the woman wanted to meet mum, mum mentions that some days she isn’t there but her husband is and if they are not going to be home when he gets dropped off in the afternoon her daughter who only lives 4 doors away will be there to meet Dawson. Well the woman went on and on that she would not be able to pick Dawson up if mum wasn’t there and she wouldn’t be able to drop him off if mum wasn’t there as mum is the only one on the list. Now I will explain that it is the house not people in it that she has to go by as long as an adult over 21 is there that is all that matters as the boys are all teenagers and considered old enough to know if the person there is someone they know. However, mum had to make a number of phone calls to arrange for dad and Sandra’s names to be added to the list and it was while she was making these calls that it was mentioned that the women didn’t need their names on any list as long as someone was there to see Dawson off and greet him in the afternoon.

This is the first new driver they have had in 3 years, also when mum asked her for her phone number she goes you should have it didn’t it come up when I rang last night mum said it may have but she didn’t take notice, she didn’t give it to mum though. However, she rang mum a bit later to give it to her and to tell mum that she now had dad and Sandra on her list.

Dawson told mum that when they dropped his friend off his older brother came out to greet him and the woman wouldn’t leave him there as the boy’s mother wasn’t home, she had gone to pick up his younger siblings from school, the woman rang her boss to get permission to leave him there.

It must be the first time the woman has driven teenagers, as the rule she was so worried about are more in place for younger children. Mum said she understood that the woman was only doing what she thought was right but still it was a pain in the bum.

Also when she picked the boys up in the afternoon she drove back via Teralba and Warners Bay which is a lot faster than the way she went in the morning. Dawson didn’t like her much but that may change Dawson does at times take a while to get used to people.

A bit about my sway back

Now for a post about my back, many years ago a neighbour of mine commented that I had a sway back I had not heard the term before and wondered at first what she meant but I used my common sense to figure it out and now with the help of the internet I can check if I guessed right and of course I did.

Now back than I wasn’t overweight or anything and it was just the way I was, I knew that some things would make my bum poke out and look bigger than it was so I would try and stay away from those clothes.

I was never told by my a doctor or anyone that it was due to bad posture although now that it is more noticeable because I am a bigger woman I have been told I need to change my posture which is not easy to do after 50 years.

Also my back has had the same curvature all my life so I reckon I have had this condition all my life, it is only now that it is a problem and I know it is because of my weight but that isn’t something that is going to change overnight.

Looking on the internet I have discovered that it has a name lordosis which refers to the normal inward curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine but in some people the can be excessive or hyperlordosis and this is a swayback. Everything I have read says that treatment for hyperlordosis is not easy and involves months of physio and that doesn’t always work if the condition has been present since childhood, also the longer you have had the condition it is harder to correct.

In fact no doctor has ever mentions lumbar hyperlordosis to me, I can tell you what I do know, I need pillows to support my back while I am sitting here writing my blog posts or using my laptop and I need back support when I am out shopping and I can only walk a short distance if I am carrying stuff before the back pain starts.

I also know that when I am wearing dresses and some pairs of pants I need a belt to pull everything in and make what I am wearing look nice.

So have you heard of a sway back?

Maybe you have a sway back.