A sick baby, a better nanna and Wombat Stew

Hi all been sick yesterday and not in the mood for blog writing but I am much better today and at last getting around to writing a blog post.

Now what to write about, ok I could start by telling you that my granddaughter Summer is pretty sick at the moment she has viral tonsillitis and has been running a high temperature. Her mummy had to get the doctor to your door (after-hours doctor) out to her last night who after looking at her said he thought she should go over to the hospital so Kathy and Summer spent all night at the emergency department.

I could tell you that while she was at the hospital last night Kathy was so tired that she laid down next to Summer in the bed and the next thing she knew she was on the floor and a nurse was asking her if she was ok, she fell out of bed……………

Today Leo went on a school excursion to see something called Wombat Stew I don’t know what it was about really, http://www.civicprecinctnewcastle.com.au/component/k2/item/57

I know that he had to catch a bus there and back and I think he thought that was the most exciting bit as he has gone on about it a bit since I have picked him up.

What else well tomorrow is Jeans for Genes day so Leo will be wearing jeans to school he has to take a gold coin donation $2 so they can raise money.

Also because it is Jeans for Genes day Kathy told the day-care that she thought a good activity for the little ones to do at the day care would be to make placemats out of old jeans, so she asked on Facebook if anyone in the family had any old jeans and her sister and cousin gave her some so has about 7 pairs to take into the day care for them to cut up and use.

One thing I do know is that I will be wearing jeans tomorrow when I go out just because it is Jeans for Genes day, I would like to wear my blue jeans but they need to be shortened I think so I may end up wearing black jeans or I do have red jeans as well anyway I will find a pair to wear tomorrow.

Before I leave I will let all know that I am feeling much better at last, it has taken long enough I was so sick yesterday I couldn’t watch Summer or go to see nan, although mum and I went to the nursing home today to see nan but we could only stay 10 minutes as I had to get back to go to the doctors.

My BGL’s are still too high and I have had my medication increased again, the levels are ok if I don’t eat much but I like my food too much and that is always a problem……………so now they have increased my Byetta from 5ml to 10ml twice a day and we will see how that goes.

Ok that is enough for this post as it has turned into a bloody long one at that………………….sorry………….

Sunday Lunch 27th July 2014

Good morning everyone, hope everyone is well this morning or night depending on where you are in the world. Me for some reason I woke up feeling queasy and have been coughing and reaching and throwing up.

Right now I am starting this while Leo has his breakfast than of course we will be off to the school, I hope I am ok on the drive to the school.

Now let’s move on to more important stuff because my health although important it is not the most important thing by any means.

If I was to say to you that on Saturday when I went out I was hot because it was cold would that make any sense to you?

If not I will explain, on cold days I usually put the heater on for say 10-15 minutes before I get out of bed, I have a small two bar heater in the bedroom. Anyway I put it on to warm the room a bit before I get dressed and on Saturday I didn’t so when I got dressed I dressed in really warm clothes and then I went shopping and of course because it was so cold the shopping centres had their heat turn up and that meant that I ended up getting hot. So I was hot because it was cold. Now does that make sense?

Sunday’s lunch at my parents place was great, there was 11 adults and 9 children their and we managed to have a couple of family photos taken dad took one and then Kelli took one with dad in it, of course to get on with everyone in it we would need a non-family member to take it and there was no non family members there.

Of course I am sharing a few photos taken on the day but not the big family one as yet because that was taken with my dad’s camera and I don’t have a copy of it yet.

A welcome to the family lunch and photos of Sue’s children and grandchildren

Good morning all how is everyone today, I am at last really starting to feel like my old self, yes my nose is still running and is at times still blocked but overall I am feeling better which is a plus.

Today I am going over to my parents for Sunday lunch; this is a welcome to the family lunch for my newest great niece Kelsi Jayne. While there I am hoping to get a few family photos done.

I am really annoyed that the store that I use to have our family portrait done at has closed down and I now can’t find anywhere that does them at such a cheap price, honestly I was paying between $10-25 for the photo granted it was only one photo but remember I am married to a man who doesn’t like to part with money for such things.

Anyway we will see what happens today and hopefully we should be able to get a few photos taken. Speaking of taking photos I have had my camera on charging overnight and it still will not turn on so I guess it is cactus now Tim will have to get me a new camera………..lol

On Monday it is my great nephew Lenny’s 5th birthday so yesterday his mum had a family party for him, no I didn’t go why because I wasn’t invited but that is ok I am annoyed, upset or anything like that.

My point in mentioning it here is because while at the party a number of family photos were taken of Sue’s children and grandchildren and I thought I would share a couple here.


What do you think of history?

Do you like history?

I do, I love to watch history programmes on telly and I love to visit museums, Tim is not so interested in history that said when we go away on holidays he will go with me to different museums but where I could spend all my time going through museums Tim gets fed up after the first couple of them.

I spend a lot of time watching the history channel and the bio channel which has a lot of programs about the English Royal family which is another thing I am interested in, that Tim can’t be bothered with.

It is strange at times to think that what is happening in the world today will one day be history, when I watch programs about the Royal Family, I think about what people will think in a hundred years’ time about the current Royal Family.

I am watching a show about the women in King Charles 2nd‘s life which made me think what people will think about our Prince Charles a few hundred years after his life.

One wonders if our modern day royals are somewhat tame by comparison to the antics of royals of the past.

Watching Television

Do you watch much television?

What type of television programmes do you like to watch?

You know I get annoyed when I hear people talking about how bad it is to watch too much television, yeah really it isn’t that bad well I don’t think it is and I watch a lot of television and yes I like to have time of a morning when I first get up without the television on and the house is nice and quiet but I also like to have the television on for most of the day.

When I was a child I remember my grandparents having the radio on all day and around 6pm they would turn the television on and watch tv for the rest of the night but if I wanted to have the telly on during the day I was allowed to do so although as a child I preferred to read a lot.

I just don’t see how watching tv is a bad thing, that said I don’t think it is fine for a child to spend all day every day in front of the telly but who does that none of my girls spent that much time watching telly and none of my grandchildren spend that much time watching telly during the day they are more likely to watch it during the night and when it is wet and they are unable to go outside to play and many times they will have the telly on but they are playing with toys as well and watching and playing at the same time.

There are many good programmes that teach children as well as entertain them.

Now to me I love my telly I love history programmes and I love crime shows and I watch a lot of British crime shows and I love Australian shows as well at the moment I think

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries http://www.abc.net.au/tv/phrynefisher/ she is bloody great and I also liked

Mr & Mrs Murder http://www.fremantlemedia.com.au/shows/mr-mrs-murder oh and I have to add

Dr Blake Mysteries http://www.abc.net.au/tv/doctorblake/ just to name a few good Aussie shows.

Dad’s Home and what I think about microwave ovens

Here we are on a nice warm in the sun but cold everywhere else Saturday and first up I would like to let everyone know that my dad is home from hospital and doing much better, be it being a bit of cranky sod due to the prednisone he was on but that will pass and we are happy he is home. He even came to Friday breakfast yesterday and my daughter said it was nice to see him looking ok, although she was annoyed when she found out that he called her nanna fat the day before, if mum is fat what am I…………fatter that’s what but what the hell I am happy and I know that I have no motivation to lose weight at the moment it is too cold.

However, that is not what this post is about, I will tell you what it is about…………………nothing much…………………Moving on though while I was out shopping this morning I heard these women talking about how one of them thought microwave ovens are a waste of money and don’t save time at all and I thought how stupid are you. Yes I know not everyone may agree with me but still this is what I thought, I love my microwave and can remember when my parents first bought one it was not long after they came on the market and you know I have had one ever since pretty much we may not have had one when we were first married but more or less we have always had a microwave.

I think they are great for reheating stuff and defrosting stuff such as ice cream that is rock hard 20 seconds in the microwave and it is soft enough to get it out of the container without breaking a spoon. I also like to do potatoes that I intend to roast in the oven in the microwave first, you peel the spuds and pop them into a freezer bag and cook for about 10 minutes till they are nice and soft then you cut them and drizzle oil over them add salt and pop them in the over for an hour, 10 minutes in the microwave halves your oven time.

Ok I would never cook a cake in the microwave, or my meat although I do cook bacon in the microwave a lot and I do poached eggs for Tim in it as well, to me the microwave has its place alongside other kitchen appliances.

What do others think is the microwave oven a time saver and a great invention or do you agree with the women I overheard and think they are a waste of money.

My dad is hospital again

Ok here I am at last writing another post been a bit slack lately sorry for that no excuse I have just not been in the mood and when I have been I have been busy with other stuff but I am here now.

So what am I going got tell you today, well my dad has been in hospital since Thursday he was having trouble breathing and was coughing a lot and would cough till he throw up so mum took him to the GP who sent him to the hospital and they hospital admitted him as he was that bad, but after a few days of strong antibiotics via the drip in his arm he has improved a lot and may be home today or tomorrow I just hope they don’t send him home too soon.

Saturday night he got up and went to the toilet and what happened on his way back to bed, he fell over, and of course couldn’t reach his buzzer and had to sit on the floor calling for help; thankfully the woman in the next bed heard him and called for the nurse. He was told he fell because he was wearing socks, but dad has to wear sock all the time due to the nerves in his feet being shot and his feet being as cold as ice blocks all the time.

While he has been in hospital he has had some visitors but not me I have been too sick to go and see him mum has gone every day morning and again in the afternoon and my brother has gone a few times as well.

While dad has been in hospital mum has had a couple of nights home alone and she has loved it mum likes being home alone this is something my sister can’t get she seems to think mum needs someone to stay with her, I of course get it because I love being home alone.

Mum was telling me that my niece Temika who is only 4yrs old was upset about poppy being in hospital and said to her mum that she was worried that poppy wouldn’t come home and would have to stay in the hospital like great nan does, she said that poppy is very old and is sick a lot and that might be while he will not be allow to come home, mum said she was very upset about this and Sandy had to assure her that poppy would be home as soon as he was better and that he was getting better by being in the hospital.

The funny thing is that Temika will not go near pop very often, she doesn’t like giving him hugs and kisses, but Temika has always had a problem with men from the time she was only a baby, we feel she might have had a problem with men in a passed life but that is another post.

Christmas Toy Sale

Well the time has arrived, today the Christmas toy sale catalogue arrived from Big W this is the big toy sale of the year with no deposit layby and pick up as late as Christmas Eve so it is a good layby to have. I am a big fan of layby always have been although my daughter Jessica says she can’t see the point she would just rather save the money then go and buy all the toys at once I would rather layby and pay it off if by some chance I layby something that by the end of the year I no longer thing the child I bought it for would still like the toy I can take that toy back and get a refund and get them something different.

Kelli is like me she loves layby and like me she feels that if she picks something that is no longer appropriate by the end of the year she just returns it and gets something different.

When I was younger and had three young daughters to buy for and little money I relied of layby to get stuff and to be able to spoil my girls at Christmas time, I have always been a giver just like my mum, I have found memories of my parents spoiling us as children at Christmas time. I now love to spoil not only my daughters but also my grandchildren and other members of my family.

So how do you get your Christmas presents do you go and buy outright or do you use layby, do your prefer to pay cash or do you get presents on credit cards. I have never used a credit card to get presents I do not like the idea of spending a year or more paying off a credit card which is why I prefer to use layby.


Hello everyone, it is Wednesday here in my part of the world and for the second week I have Summer for the day while Kathy is at work, at the moment I have both Summer and Daemon, Kelli & Jess left Daemon here so Summer would have someone to play with and guess what Summer fell asleep within minutes of them leaving, she is now asleep on the floor near me and Daemon is busy watching telly.

So today I have another question for you, have you ever smoked or do you smoke now?

I am a non-smoker and will usually say I have never smoked but that isn’t the whole truth when I was a teenager I gave it a try but never really took to it, when I meet Tim I was still smoking at times when we went out but that only lasted a couple of weeks and I stopped completely and have never had any interest in doing it again.

I have three daughters and only one of them is a smoker, of course that would be Natasha my wild child although she did stop when she was pregnant with Blain but took it up again not long after he was born. You would think if one hadn’t smoked for 8 months they would not want to take it up again but not the case. My sister in-law also stopped smoking when she was pregnant but took it up again after she had my niece and my sister Sandra smoked during her pregnancy with Denni but not when she had Temika if I remember rightly.

Tim is a smoker but he has not smoked in this house ever, although I think when we lived at Gateshead he might have smoked in the flat, I don’t really remember it was so long ago. We have lived her for 26 yrs and I know he hasn’t smoked in this house, ok hang on that is not completely true he has and still does smoke in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on when it is raining outside.

Now I have to say I am not one of those people who have a problem with smokers, it doesn’t bother me and I have been known to go outside and talk to those who are out there smoking.

I know some people worry about second hand smoke or what was that phrase that was bantered about years ago………….passive smoking that’s it. Yes I know breathing in other peoples smoke may not be good for me but there are many things that are not good for us and if we worry or stress over all of them we will have a sucky life.

It is illegal to smoke in a car with a child under the age of 16 here in New South Wales in Victoria it is under 18, I am not sure how I feel about that I guess it is good but hell 18 some 18yr olds are smokers anyway.


Dear Dave

I guess it is time for another letter, so who to write to this time well since I have done my parents, sisters and daughters so I guess it is time for my brother David so here is goes

Dear Dave

You are my baby brother, but you tower over me not as much as you do Jeannie but still you do, you are mum’s favourite and everyone knows it and no none of us have a problem with that it is just the way it is and it has been like that since you were born.

You have always been a mummy’s boy and not ashamed to say it, as a child you were the most annoying child and would talk to me like I was trash at times and I often would think if you spoke to any other adult the way you spoke to me you would get into trouble but because I was your sister you got away with it.

Even now you seem to think because you are Dave you can get away with bloody murder but we love you and you are our baby brother so we just accept that it is like that.

I know you are there for me whenever I need you, not that I have needed you to have my back, I have Tim and he is always there for me more or less.

You have this cheeky grin that makes you adorable and forgivable, I knew when you were little you would be a heart breaker and I reckon you have managed to break a few hearts in your time.

I never thought you would be the awesome dad your are, I remember when Dawson was born I wondered how you would take to being a dad but you took to it like a duck to water and was an amazing dad, you still are which is why I think Liarna is a daddy’s girl. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised since you had a bloody marvellous teacher when it comes to how to be a dad……………

When you married Leigh you looked so bloody handsome and I was proud to be your sister, I still am proud to be your sister because you are a wonderful, loving and caring man. Like dad you are the type of man all men should strive to be, maybe that is one of the reasons we are not jealous of you being mums favourite.

You have this aura that radiates from deep inside that draws people to you, I love you bro or as Sandy would call you “bud” that is her name for you and it suits you.